By Amber Lynn

They’re fighting wars over coffee cups and
Spreading rumors about no love for all those celebs on the tv
They’ll never know me
I saw a picture on the Internet
Desensitizing us to the dead
But now all it does is burn holes through every thought in my head
Just like the cigarette smoke of this bar
I can’t seem to pull myself away from.
We always go too far.
I can’t breathe
It’s all religion and bad blood
Who has the quicker draw on a gun
And wallowing in oceans of self-pity
While across the pond, they’re bombing cities
I never claimed activist
Nor got into politics
But this blind selfishness makes me sick.
Allow me to help your point of view, my friend
Nothing really matters at all in the end

From Amber: My name is Amber and I dabble in all sorts of art.
Primarily, the lead singer for Eye on Attraction
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