I keep giving my all to people who only ever take.
I put myself aside to make sure that they don’t break.
I’ve lost myself in people who’ve never truly cared.
And put my love in someone who was never really there.
I walk around the world with my heart upon my sleeve.
But I’ve let so many people in, just to watch them leave.
I’ve learned that maybe what I’m fighting for isn’t meant to be.
And the people that I’m loving just aren’t capable of loving me.
Now I tend to cling to people only to find myself pushing them away.
I try to make them go before they realize on their own that they don’t want to stay.
So I’m stuck here now to figure out exactly what to do
Because at the end of the day, still all I want, is for them to love me too.

The writer of this poem wishes to remain anonymous and is from Scranton, Pa.