By Autumn Scott

They say it gets easier with time but they never say what happens
when time is standing still,
He was your sunlight, and it seems more and more lately like the darkness is closing in.
You try to sleep,
try to do anything to take away the constant ringing in your ears but you shut your eyes and the image of his lips pressed against your cheek opens flood gates you don’t remember building.
Before you can catch your breath,
you are drowning in a sea of your own naivety.
You should have known better.

They tell you that an object in motion always stays in motion and then wonder why you have spent your life running in circles.
In school they taught you to never ask “why”,
they taught you to just accept things for what they are, to stop being so curious,
maybe this is why you never made it past grade 10.
you want to know why objects at rest stay at rest,
you want to know why the stars shine at night,
you want to know why someone can wake up one morning and suddenly not love you anymore.
you want to know why you got detention for asking these questions.
You should have known better.

They sing their Ring Around the Rosies through gunshots blaring,
heeding warnings of his intention,
He tells you he loves you and you fall for it every time.
the troops beg you to surrender,
to retreat into the safety of life before the war,
but one glance at that face across the battlefield and you jump directly into his line of fire.
Your family fills their pockets with posies to mask the scent of your demise.
Ashes, ashes, we all fall down.
You should have known better.

Autumn Stott, 21, was born in raised in Jim Thorpe, Pa. She is a waitress by day, hopeful poet by night. To read more from Autumn, visitĀ orĀ