By Isabel Anderson

This is just a romantic notion, but you and me?
The silver lining overpowers the clouds
That hover above your city.
We could sip coffee and discuss House of Leaves.
If we ever held hands, you’d grasp mine so tightly,
And you would not disappear.
The right place, the right time.
A pair of vines to skyrocket towards the heavens.
We’d lay on the rocks that rise over the Pacific,
Waves crashing under us, inside us.
Please realize you put every past love to shame.
From your crooked smile,
I see life with a little more color each day.
I’d play riffs while you would play fifths –
We’d look at each other as equals.
While you write about the beauty that
You see all around you, I’d create songs that
Celebrate just how I found you.
This desire comes off a little saccharine,
Even silly, perhaps.
It’s only just a romantic notion…

Isabel is an all-around writer from Scranton, PA. She is also one half of the local band Science Queen.