By Nick DeMarco

Try as you may
Your mind does not equal your body
In the preparation
Of the cold shoulder
The cold shower
Tossed on you
Tossed at you
By life

It is not a matter of self-burial
The loathing is long gone
But this belief in a choice
To smile in faith
That tomorrow is always a viable option

Sometimes I stare at my left hand
Open palmed
Rubbing it with my right thumb
As if coursing the words
Through the neurons
Into the sparks
That comes forth from my hands
And then onto the page
An usual practice
For such legerdemain

Age doesn’t always equal wisdom
But more so an acceptance
Solemn and undeniably true
That even if friends go
Even if loves leaves us
We still have what we were taught by the ancients
And it means something different to everyone

To this boy
Now a man
It is taking a silent oath
To never quit
Not because quitters never win
But quitters
Have the shortest, most uninteresting stories to tell

I want to be a book that can’t be put down.

Nick DeMarco is a 34 year old son, fiance, uncle, brother, and friend- when he is not blogging for, reviewing video games, running his small business, Nick D’s Video Game Vault, or caring for adults with autism on 3rd shift.

From Nick: “Singer/Songwriter and poet, it has taken my many years to accept myself and overcome great obstacles, most recently the passing of my father in April.

This is me. This is all I know in self-expression and communicating.”