By Mason Crawford and Olivia Romano

Jacob you are louder than a giant
Sophia, they’re all staring, keep your voice down.
Jacob you said that already
Sophia, you pee the bed. Every night
Jacob you are too annoying
Sophia, mom cried when you were born
Jacob you have a mother who desperately needed you

Jacob, Sophia, only if they knew how hard you tried to stay with us, how scared I was of you
That our parents were told us you were babies of convulsions, disasters, and death. That you are going to meet Mister Mayhem only weeks after they adopted you.
That I would want to forget you sometimes.

That you were a four leaf clover drenched in pesticide
That you were a baby baptized in tears and diagnoses.

But buddy, baby, I want you know, I’ll be your keeper
Your Welcoming Sign doormat
And the place you can hide

I’ll be the lion inside your chest ready to attack
Whenever threatened
I’ll be the one who holds your hand when you cross the street
I’ll be your punching bag
Your safe place
The reason you want to come home.

And I’ll still love you unconditionally
I will never stop loving you unconditionally.

I’ll still be there when you need another piece of gum
When you want to play dress up with big girl clothes
When you need a friend for black ops 2

So listen up, just for a moment

I want to make an apology, for not talking about you to my friends,
For not raising the bar because no one thought you could grab it
And for not believing in you.

I know Jacob you’ll never fully understand the meaning behind this, and I’m sure you’ll fight me saying you do but just remember I’ll always have the next piece of gum awaiting for you.

You might be a disaster, but you are the most magnificent disaster I have ever known.

So Jacob,

Never be told you are too loud, because voices tend to put you down anyways
Never stop believing in princesses and ice cream and cartoons with daddy.
Never stop repeating yourself, be the drummer in a war
Never stop swallowing the sun, you are my favorite rainbow
Never stop being you, I need someone to tell me when Friday is coming around

Never stop loving me,
Because I will love you through a million storms
I will never stop carrying you home.

Mason Crawford is a junior at Tunkhannock Area High School and can usually be found trying to get his parents to take in another beloved cat. He has performed on stages as local as The Ritz, Keystone College, and TwentyFiveEight Studios. He has also performed on stages as big as the international festival, Brave New Voices. One of his biggest accomplishments is opening a show for nationally acclaimed artist, Rachel McKibbens. He has been an active member of the local non-profit, youth run organization the Breaking Ground Poets run by Katie Wisnosky. You can now find Mason trying to answer this simple question with to many answers, “Where is the happiness?”

Olivia Romano is an active member of the Breaking Ground Poets. She has just graduated Tunkhannock Area High School, and now can be found scaring it up at Reaper’s Revenge. Olivia has performed on the Brave New Voices (an international youth festival) stage two times. She can usually be found trying to discover life’s mysteries and crying at Grey’s Anatomy.