By Rebekah S.

a soft caressing touch slides up to my face,
I lie silent and content, sheltered in your warming embrace.

flushed cheeks, intense stares-
we melt into one as the moonlight glares.

electricity coursing through my veins; two wires, one spark–
a kindle that burns so bright, it could light the dark.

time is on our side as we loose track,
focusing on the present and never looking back.

with you, everything comes effortlessly;
you and me together, forever— indefinitely.

Rebekah is from Old Forge, Pa. From Rebekah: “Poetry for me, is a way of self expression- free of fear and being labeled. I have been writing for as long as I can remember and would love to have a book of my poetry published one day. When I write, I hope that others could take my piece of art, be able to relate, and use it for themselves. Financially assisted, or flat broke, you never loose your creativity; keep your dream alive.”