By Stephanie M. Santore


I am the beast, a wild wolf

Steel trap jaw and mighty paws

I refuse to be a carcass

Bleached bones among white stones


I starve protecting a pack of thieves

Stay, and die upon these fallen leaves

Kick dirt in the air, raise hair on the neck

Shred throats for mercy, they bleed out among regret


I am the beast, a wild wolf

Piercing eyes – Sheep’s disguise

I refuse to be a carcass

Predator’s trick – Vulture’s toothpick


Twitch of the ear and the journey starts

You follow your head, abandon the heart

In solitude is the thrill of the fight

Ragged soul, you rage, hunt down the night


Paws pound the ground.

You escape,

escape without a sound.


Teeth and fur,

nothing more to give.

A rabid will to live.


The blood runs red.

The blood runs red.


By day, Stephanie works as an SEO specialist. She has been writing since she can remember and tries to take it more seriously with each passing day. She loves nature, photography, history, and am is currently reading the Game of Thrones series and loving every page of it. She lives with two furry felines in South Abington, PA. Her blog is