By Tony Amico

On a warm sunny day you entered the world and I was suddenly Dad,
and dream how I dreamed of a lifetime in store, not knowing how little you had.
But grateful am I and so fortunate too, for the blessing of life and a son that was you.
The first steps you took, my thumbs in your hands, all memories vivid as the time your life spans.
The first words you spoke I may not recall, but calling me Dad is what I miss most of all.
So full my life was and you nourished my pride, but I took it for granted as you walked by my side.
Day after day, year after year…wouldn’t you always be ever so near
Those who stepped out of our lives, some who left this earth. These are the realities of life since the day of our birth.
Time marches on, changes do come, I tried my best to be a good Father to you, my one and only Son.
My Michel, My Michel, I just couldn’t see, where destiny was leading, my dreams were not to be.
And so I walk through this life holding memories deep inside, sometimes I see your smile and my walk turns to a stride.
Even though I can not touch you or run my fingers through your hair, I can close my eyes and wander, in my dreams your’e always there.
So when my time is over, when my walk is finally done, I’ll step into the splendor, with you my loving Son.

Tony is a self-employed, local Masonry Contractor from Throop, Pa., with an artistic background. In recent years he has indulged himself into the writing medium. He also enjoys public speaking and writing fictional as well as non fictional post and words of inspiration, drawing from mostly his life experiences.